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Whites and Goat Cheese

Crisp Whites and Goat CheeseOriginally uploaded by jamesonf I love Sauv Blanc and a soft, fresh goat cheese. A duo of Chileans, the 2008 Veramonte and the 2007 Cono Sur, were great. I prefer the Veramonte; fresher vintage, and less green bean on the nose. Chilean Sauv Blanc is the real-deal. I prefer it much [...]

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South American Whites and Goat Cheese

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Falesco Marciliano and Pasta with Eggplant, Onion, and Arugula

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Pouilly-Fuisee and Herb Cream Cheese

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Finding a Decent Glass Pour in Reno

I go to Reno frequently to visit my mother and the wine selections at most restaurants, especially the casinos and chains that dominate this city, are your boilerplate, KJ-esque family of wines. You pretty much know what you are going to get no matter where you go. So it was an extremely pleasant surprise that [...]

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Asparagus and Wine Blah Blah Blah

I am really sick of the cliche that asparagus is so difficult to pair with wine. Living in Washington I get plenty of chances to eat asparagus. (Though I detest the huge, fat spears that are fibrous and too woodsy. The pencil-thin are the best; try broiling on a sheet pan with nothing but salt [...]

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Sauvignon Blanc and Fish Tacos

I love Sauv Blanc with high acid, seafood-based dishes. I marinated halibut in lime juice and chile powder, pan-seared it, and served it with a jicama, cabbage, and radish slaw. I can’t say enough about Chilean Sauv Blanc; I had the Aresti. Other ones to look for are Viu Manent Secreto and Veramonte. I really [...]

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Stop Hating on Chardonnay

I think it’s time to put to bed the whole “Anything But Chardonnay” aka “ABC” crap. I am the first person to swear undying allegiance to Chablis and the Macon where the best (I mean the best) Chardonnays are born, bred, and raised. Oak is not the devil nor is California Chardonnay. This is not [...]

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Great Food and Wine Pairings: Frozen Pizza and Sauvignon Blanc

I will pretty much drink a white wine with anything. Steak? No problem. BBQ? Why not? I don’t think it works the reverse way; Cabernet and oysters sounds awful. You also have to think about the setting and the company: A 100 degree day in Seattle, fans blowing, lack of AC, an oven far enough [...]

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Chilean Sauvignon Blanc

PulpoOriginally uploaded by jamesonf I drank gallons of tasty, refreshing, non-green beany (like New Zealand SB) Sauvignon Blanc in Chile and it was a true delight. I’m ready to crown Chile as the home of the best Sauv Blanc for the money. It’s also fantastic with the local seafood, like this amazing braised octopus.

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