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The Greatest Seattle Sunset Ever and Four Rosés

I have seen some beautiful Seattle sunsets in my ten years here, but none better than this recent one. Viewed from the top of Capitol Hill looking down on Lake Union, this and many other pictures blew up my Instagram feed. And for good reason. With so many colorful shades and textures, it got me [...]

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The Top Ten Places in The World You Must Visit if You Love Wine

Why does my post about picks for the ten best places in the world for wine lovers start with a photo of a beach and not of vineyards? Excellent question. The answer? I fell in love with an ocean paradise located on the western coast of Tasmania in the beautiful area called “Bay of Fires”. [...]

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Getting to Know Oregon and Washington Albariño

Are you familiar with the white wine grape, Albariño? It’s most famous in Spain, and you’ll see it in Portgual referred to as Alvarinho. But in Oregon? In Washington? Yes and yes, you’ll find Albariño in both states. It’s wild to think that Abacela has been making it–from their own fruit, no less–since 2001. A seafood-loving, [...]

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Drinking Wine in Las Vegas: What’s Hot in the Heat

What wines are people drinking in Las Vegas? I turn to Head Sommelier of Michael Mina Bellagio, Cole Sisson, who stopped by my Wine Without Worry podcast to inform me of what’s hot in the world of fermented grapes. Some of the questions we tackle: Coming from Seattle, what was it like that first night [...]

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Easy Apricot Chicken Paired With Wine

Do you know my pal Peabody? She is a creator of culinary concoctions, but none more curious than the one I’m about to share with you. As part of her blog series encouraging newlyweds to get in the kitchen and cook together, Peabody has put together some no-fuss recipes. (Think one pot dishes.) And then [...]

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Greek Terracotta Art and The History of Wine

If you are interested in the history of wine from not just the past two hundred years but over two thousand years ago, there are a series of videos on YouTube by Emily Kate worth checking out. I recently interviewed her to get to know more about the ancient objects and artifacts that she finds [...]

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Get to Know The Authors of “The World of Sicilian Wine”

Much of the joy that comes from visiting a part of the world I love is getting to meet like-minded people along the way who enrich my experience. This was most definitely the case in Sicily, when on the final day of a recent stay I got some quality lunch and dinnertime conversation in with [...]

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How To Take The Best Vineyard Photos

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take great vineyard photos. But it does help to know one. This image of King Estate in Oregon is courtesy Richard Duval, who I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with in both Seattle and Walla Walla. So what’s his tip for capturing moments like these? [...]

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Choose Your Own Wine Adventure at The Winemakers Studio

Are you interested in being a winemaker for a day? Does the thought of playing with beakers and graduated cylinders make you want to get your wine nerd on? I know, me too! Now you can indulge that passion at The Winemakers Studio, located at the HQ of my podcast sponsor, Wente Vineyards, in California’s Livermore [...]

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A Smooth Tale of Two California Cabernets

Are you looking for a duo of California Cabernets, though from different producers, parts, and vineyards, united by one thing? And is that thing you desire…SMOOTHNESS? Well you’ve come to the right blog. Now, don’t take smooth like these wines are devoid of edge or interest. They just aren’t going to clobber you over the [...]

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