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Honey It’s Time For Wine: Bee D’Vine Mead

Why should grapes get to have all the fun? Let’s talk about mead: wine from honey. I received a couple sample bottles mead from Bee D’Vine: Brut and Demi Sec. I thought the former was going to be sparkling (which really intrigued me) but the Brut designation here just means dry. What surprised me about [...]

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A Guide To Wines For Parties of Any Occasion

Whether it’s a holiday party or gathering at any other time of the year, one thing holds true for me: I’m bringing wine. So what wines do I like to bring to a (potentially) festive occasion? Well I’m glad you asked. I had the rare and distinct pleasure to dispense my thoughts on this topic via [...]

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Restaurants, Wine, and the Solo Diner: A Talk with Julien Perry

How important is wine to you when it comes to evaluating a restaurant? I chat with Julien Perry on my Wine Without Worry podcast about this subject. She has an astonishing depth and breadth of Seattle restaurant knowledge from writing about them for, to name a few, Seattle Magazine, Eater Seattle, and Seattle Weekly. What’s great [...]

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Spring Mountain Cabernet from Smith-Madrone: The Perfect Gift

There is something special about Spring Mountain. Leaving behind Napa Valley’s floor, you carefully wind your way up to higher altitudes where a new world unfolds. And it’s not just scenery that is transformed; the distinctiveness of the wines bear out that change as well. I was recently sent a trio of samples from Smith-Madrone [...]

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5 Things You’ll Learn About Wine Tasting from Anthony Giglio

Instead of focusing on wine tasting as some sort of elaborate, rigid routine fraught with ritual and stern judgement, wouldn’t it be nice if someone could just break it down for you via a few simple rules that maximize pleasure and learning while minimizing angst and consternation? I was witness to just that when, as [...]

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2 of The Best Italian Red Wines For Pizza

I love beer, white wine, sparkling wine, and rosé with pizza. But the classics never go out of style. Here are two Italian red wines that are dynamite with pizza. Both were consumed at Bar Del Corso, one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle. Even if you don’t get pizza there (which you should),  you’ll [...]

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International Versus Indigenous Wine Grapes: The Case of Sicily

What gets you to explore wines made from unfamiliar grapes? How do you discover something new? Sicily is an interesting case as an island full of indigenous grapes as well as plenty of wine made from non-native, better-known grapes like Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Syrah. I had these questions in mind when I conducted a phone [...]

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Vall Llach: Exploring the Red Wines of Priorat in Spain

It’s hard to look at the grape vines in the rugged region of Priorat in Spain and not think, “How do they make wine here?” The steep hills, the gnarled vines, the “llicorella” (slate) soil. And to call it soil is kind of strange as it looks menacing, like it would slice you in half [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving: Sparkling Selections of Washington Wine and Cider

My two themes for Thanksgiving refreshment? The first is Washington State. The other? Bubbles. I couldn’t pass up the chance to snag a magnum of Syncline’s Scintillation Rosé, hailing from the picturesque Columbia Gorge. A big bottle is the way to go for a large crowd. And, of course, how could I forget Finnriver from [...]

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20 Wine Bloggers Talk About Thanksgiving: 2006-2014

I’m going back in the time machine and rounding up some of my top Thanksgiving wine posts as well as taking a trip around the blog-o-sphere to see what my fellow scribes have historically opined about when it comes to the most venerated of American eating and drinking holidays. Let’s do this! Starting with me, [...]

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