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Olive Oil Poached Tuna Salad and Terredora di Paolo Rosé

When I’m not stuffing my face with burritos and pizza, I do occasionally eat a salad like this one with olive oil poached tuna I enjoyed for lunch at Agrodolce in Seattle. Sometimes I hear people say that salad is a “challenging” thing to pair with wine. You know what’s challenging? Climbing Mt. Everest. Salad [...]

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Swig Well With Summertime Porch Pounders

Have you ever wanted to learn to Swig Well? Thanks to a Seattle drinking academy of the same name, you, too, can achieve unknown levels of knowledge and pleasure in the art of distilled spirits as well as with the cocktails that celebrate their flavor and heritage. I was thrilled that Swig Well Founder Anu [...]

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Red Wine on a Hot Summer Day? There’s Only One Way

I thought I’d never drink red wine on a hot summer day until I walked into Sun Liquor Lounge in Seattle and asked their ace bar manager, Chelsea, to make me something with Mezcal. The refreshing, well-chilled cocktail she came up with sneaks in some red wine in the form of a artful float atop [...]

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Too Cold or Too Warm? On the Serving Temperature of Restaurant Wines

I was asked by Seattle Times Restaurant Critic Hanna Raskin to comment on an experience at a restaurant where her red wine was served “freezer cold.” How do I handle wine served at arctic temperatures or kiln-like heights of heat? Take a look at her post on Voracious to find out. Thanks, Hanna, for letting [...]

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Coffee Cupping at Fonté in Seattle

Had the chance to head down to Fonté Micro Coffee Roaster in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood to get more acquainted with coffee beyond its live-giving sustenance. I was intrigued by all the parallels between coffee and wine, and I’ll be exploring that further in an upcoming post for Foodista. Big thanks to Steve Smith, Vice President [...]

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My Addidas Meet a Jaunty Magpie

If you have seen me in person there is a good chance that I’m wearing jeans, have a wine glass in my hand, and will probably be wearing green Addidas shoes with yellow stripes. Unbeknownst to me, my shoes struck a chord with fellow blogger Denise Sakaki while we were chatting at the recent networking [...]

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Frasca Food, Scarpetta Wine, and a New Sparkling Rosé to Love

No fermented beverage excites me more than sparkling rosé, so it didn’t take much arm twisting to accept an invitation from Vinum Importing to a lunch featuring the Italian wines of Scarpetta and the food from Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder, CO. How does an Italian winery and a Colorado restaurant come to host [...]

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A Seattle Foodportunity Full of Memorable Bites and Vinho Verde

Whether you live in, near, or far from Seattle, I want you to know about a great food networking event called Foodportunity, created by my friend Keren Brown. Her blog and Twitter handle are both “Frantic Foodie“, and if you knew how busy she is with work and family, you’d know that frantic is just [...]

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Guest Blogging for Il Corvo Pasta in Seattle

Today and tomorrow I’m guest blogging for the fantastic Il Corvo in Seattle. Hand-made pasta and a menu that changes daily. Today I ate this Capellini a la Siciliana at 10am, an hour before opening. Pasta with anchovies is now my new favorite breakfast. Read all about it: Getting Corny on the Mandoline, Plus Dog [...]

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Video: I Select Six Bargain Wines at Metropolitan Market in Seattle

The folks at Metropolitan Market let me loose in the wine department of their Lower Queen Anne store in Seattle with 90 dollars to pick out six wines. Check out the video to see what I selected and took home to enjoy, courtesy of Metropolitan Market.

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