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Grenache Blanc From Priorat: Seek Out This Surprising White Wine

Four years ago I went to Spain on a trip with a Cava producer and the most surprising wine I drank (during a day away from sparkling) was a Grenache Blanc (Garnacha Blanca) from Priorat. The later is a region in Spain a couple hours west of Barcelona but it feels like a world away. Steep [More]

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Take Me To Your Liter: 1L Bottles of Wine

I’ve been crushing on this format for years. These 1L bottles of wine pop up randomly and it delights me to discover a new one. Who doesn’t look at a standard 750ml bottle and think of a conversation along these lines: “Say man, you got an extra 33% of wine?” “Uh, no, not on me, man.” [More]

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Can You Warm Up Your Winter With White Wine?

Can’t blame this cat for hesitating to go outside. It’s dreary and rainy here in Seattle, though thankfully not apocalyptically cold like in other parts of the country. This is the time when, wine-wise, you look to warm up with the deepest and richest of reds. Or perhaps a glass of fortified wine, like Port? [More]

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Lemon Cucumber Salad and Verdejo Will Defeat the Summer Heat

Hey, it’s over 80 degrees in Seattle. Which means two things for me: rotating in a lemon cucumber salad to my ovenless/stoveless summer cooking repertoire and complaining about the heat. See, when the thermometer breaks 79, many folks in Seattle (me included) treat this event like we’ve got triple digit heat. I can’t believe I [More]

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For Spanish White Wine, X Marks The Spot

I can’t say that I was familiar with the Spanish white wine grape called Xarel-lo (pronounced “char-el-oh”). I just knew it as one of the three main grapes in Spanish sparking wine (Cava) along with Macabeo and Parellada. Thankfully, while on a trip to Spain sponsored by Segura Viudas, I learned a lot about Xarel-lo [More]

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Sparkling Spanish Wine: A Trip to Cava Country

Loyal readers will know of my penchant for bubbles, and sparkling Spanish wine is no exception. That’s why I’m really excited to be headed to Spain to check out its contribution to sparkling wine: Cava. I’ll be visiting Segura Viudas (who is the sponsor of this media trip) in Penedès, near Barcelona. And as a [More]

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For This Mimosa Recipe, Step Aside OJ

While contemplating the selection of juices from Juicebox at my local farmers market, I will admit to thinking about a mimosa recipe or two. See, I have nothing against orange juice. I love it, and drink it every morning. But Juicebox’s offbeat offerings had me wondering what would work with sparkling wine. So with a [More]

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Pairing Wine With 50 Bacon-Wrapped Dates

I can’t help but think of Cool Hand Luke (“Nobody can eat 50 eggs.”) when I heard about Pintxo‘s challenge to eat 50 bacon-wrapped dates in 30 minutes. That’s three pounds of bacon, dates, and goat cheese. If you are in Seattle and want to enter and/or witness this eating event, it’s part of Pintxo’s [More]

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