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Texas Wine Podcast Time

Hi. Let’s talk about Texas wine. My first exposure to the wines of the state was in 2013 when I attended a brisket tasting hosted by Jack Timmons, now of Jack’s BBQ in Seattle. There were a wide variety of wines from across the country and world at this informal event (check out the lineup) [More]

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Anxiety, Blind Tasting, and Wine Education

I am an anxious, hand-wringing individual. It manifests itself in many aspects of my life, including wine. While putting together some (very poor man’s) Ira Glass-esque commentary for the latest episode of the Wine Enthusiast podcast, I was transported back to a few of my anxiety-ridden moments of doubt and second-guessing. Particularly when it comes [More]

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5 Things You’ll Learn About Wine Tasting from Anthony Giglio

Instead of focusing on wine tasting as some sort of elaborate, rigid routine fraught with ritual and stern judgement, wouldn’t it be nice if someone could just break it down for you via a few simple rules that maximize pleasure and learning while minimizing angst and consternation? I was witness to just that when, as [More]

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