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Asparagus and Wine: Together Forever

AsparagusOriginally uploaded by jamesonf One of the worst “truths” about food and wine pairings is that asparagus does not go well with wine. This is completely wrong! Here is a list of wines I would drink with asparagus: Sparkling Wine (Prosecco, Cremant, Champagne) Chenin Blanc (Loire Valley or South Africa) Riesling (dry from Australia or [More]

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My Rosé Selection

My Rosé SelectionOriginally uploaded by jamesonf Here are the rosés I am currently loving (and selling). The La Bastide Blanche Bandol is my favorite right now. I also love the Sinskey and Evesham Wood; these are my top two domestic pinks outside of Washington. Syncline is the gold standard for Washington rosé. Don’t sleep on [More]

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Yes, Another Box Wine

La Vieille Ferme 3LOriginally uploaded by jamesonf Like the MAN in a Box Chenin/Blanc Viognier, the La Vieille Ferme Red is about 8 bucks a (glass) bottle or, better yet, works out to 5 bucks a bottle when you buy it in a 3 Liter box. Wines from Cotes du Ventoux are a dead ringer [More]

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Taming Sauvignon Blanc

I love Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire, with its searing, enamel-chipping acidity.  But I also really appreciate white Bordeaux (and similarly-styled Aussie whites) with a healthy dollop of Semillon.  It softens the sharp edges of Sauvignon Blanc and adds a bit of richness.  Today I tried a 2008 Matanzas Creek Winery Sauvignon Blanc, which was [More]

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The Wines I’m Bringing to the Oregon Coast

The Wines I’m Bringing to the Oregon CoastOriginally uploaded by jamesonf So I’m in charge of bringing the wines for a group of 10 for a long weekend. I grabbed two box wines. Yes, box wines. The MAN Vintners Chenin/Viognier I have tasted (in box) and it’s great. Very lively and crisp and it works [More]

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2004 Hogue Johannisberg Riesling

2004 Hogue Johannisberg RieslingOriginally uploaded by jamesonf Wow. One of the most unexpected and surprising wines I have tasted in a long time. Maybe ever. This was the first vintage in screwcap for the Hogue Johannisberg Riesling. It drank like a great, dry Aussie Riesling with petrol and lime notes. Somehow the sugar had faded, [More]

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1993 Hogue Reserve Merlot

1993 Hogue Reserve MerlotOriginally uploaded by jamesonf Tasted (drank) at the winery. Fantastic; reminded me of a well-aged, classified-growth Bordeaux. The alcohol level is much more moderate than you see today out of most top reds from Washington and California. Probably the second-best Washington red I have had.

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Finding a Decent Glass Pour in Reno

I go to Reno frequently to visit my mother and the wine selections at most restaurants, especially the casinos and chains that dominate this city, are your boilerplate, KJ-esque family of wines. You pretty much know what you are going to get no matter where you go. So it was an extremely pleasant surprise that [More]

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