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Sauvignon Blanc 2007: Mildly herbaceous; subtle, with nice acidity. All steel. Would be great ice cold.

Chenin Blanc 2007: Good acid, nice midpalate and richness, especially for such an inexpensive wine. A touch of RS on the finish. Simply on of the best whites for the price (around $7); fantastic with Asian cuisine.

Pinotage 2007: 14% Shiraz. Rich, tannic, a little smoky. Very approachable, modern style.

Shiraz 2006: Nice spicy finish, acidity, tannin. Gutsy little red. Very impressive.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2006: A little bit of greenness on the nose; I prefer the shiraz.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just an old Grinnellian (class of 56) visiting your site for the first time. Fun to read. My first granddaughter born at 2:00 AM this morning so sipping the Schmidt and Sohn Riesling to celebrate. Enjoyed your site. I’ll be back. CEW

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