Put The Saint Cosme Cotes du Rhone on Your Dinner Table

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Saint Cosme Cotes du RhoneYear after year, the Saint Cosme Cotes du Rhone is one of my favorite wines. With an ocean of Cotes du Rhone available, it stands out to me for a few reasons:

  • It’s made from 100% Syrah. Most Cotes du Rhone I come across tend to be in large part made from Grenache. It’s a great way to get more familiar with Syrah.
  • Aged in large vats rather than oak barrels, the Saint Cosme isn’t heavy, and the purity of the fruit really comes through. This makes for a versatile,  food-friendly wine. I love it with pizza.
  • Magnums! Thankfully not just the priciest of wines are bottled in the 1.5L size. Bring this to a dinner party and you will be a rock star. Magnums=fun.
  • There is something about the label that I find charming. I wouldn’t mind living in that house, sitting underneath a tree with my glass of Cotes du Rhone
  • Saint Cosme also makes an excellent white Cotes du Rhone. A blend of Marsanne, Viognier, Roussanne, and Picpoul, it’s a white with some richness that would be great with pork, chicken, or richer seafood dishes.
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6 Responses

  1. Andrea says:

    Well, it looks like you are adapting to life on the farm quite nicely, rubber boots, mud and all!

    • Jameson says:


      Thank you! Held my first chicken recently; very soft feathers. Getting to really enjoy spending time with them. Such interesting, amusing animals. I really appreciate you reading and commenting. I can’t believe my month here is already half over.



  2. Sonja says:

    Great recommendation! I have had this wine once before and loved it. Will have to keep an eye out for the magnums too – that sounds like a fun party trick.

    • Jameson says:


      Thank you! It’s been a favorite for years. And the magnums are usually around $30-35, so pretty reasonable to bring to a party and be a hero. I appreciate you reading and commenting.



  3. Hmmm, will have to check this one out. So many Cote du Rhones, so little time…

    • Jameson says:


      I agree; there is an ocean of Cotes du Rhone out there. It’s a tough choice between trying something new or reaching for a sentimental favorite. Hope you get a chance to try the Saint Cosme.



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