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Go Gamay Go: Two Bottles Starring My Favorite Red Grape

Gamay freaks unite! And they/we do, across the globe, thanks to #gogamaygo. Check it out on IG. I believe the origins of it come from my friend Treve Ring but I’m not sure. And though the grape is popping up all over the world, the best stuff is from France. Particularly Beaujolais. Here are two [More]

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My Favorite Bargain White Wine in the History of the World

Many highlights of being in Tacoma for Thanksgiving but one was undoubtedly being reunited with a long time Hall of Fame white wine: Domaine des Cassagnoles Cuvée Gros Manseng. This is the top white wine, pound for pound, dollar for dollar you’ll find. I haven’t seen it in New York but it has kind of [More]

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François Villard Makes the Ultimate Viognier For Under $30

I’m grateful when I get to go to big wine trade tastings, but they can be overwhelming. One hundred-plus tables, many of them crowded with clamoring masses, yearning to drink taste free. My advice is to go in with a battle plan. Study that spiral-bound playbook you get on arrival! But sometimes it’s dumb luck [More]

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Sud de France Sunday: Let it Breathe

Drinking the 2006 Robert Skalli Reserve Cabernet from the Sud de France reminded me how much decanting can benefit a wine. At first, the Skalli was smooth but a little too dominated by oak. After an hour in the decanter, the oak had subsided and I was left with a rich cab with mellow tannins. [More]

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Sud de France Sunday: Red or White?

So I’m going to a potluck later today and have this working in the crockpot: Pumpkin Chicken thighs rubbed with smoked, dried chile powder and cumin Onion Garlic A bit of red curry sauce So what wine with this dish? At first I was contemplating a richer-style white, but with that bit of powerful tomato-based [More]

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Sud de France Sunday: Blanquette de Limoux

It’s a lovely, sunny fall afternoon in Seattle. I think it only proper to laze about on the balcony and drink sparkling wine. What’s in my glass? Blanquette de Limoux. This region of France produces really nice, fun, and affordable sparkling wines. And if you liked to be steeped in the lore and history of [More]

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I Finally Write About Sparkling Vouvray

Jump to the Foodista blog, where I take a stroll down memory lane. A tale of Chicago and Vouvray!

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I Love Cassagnoles Gros Manseng

That is all.

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