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Quady North: A Snapshot of Southern Oregon Wine

Who doesn’t want to get to know a winery that’s involved in a love triangle…with grapes? (Get your mind out of the gutter.) Herb Quady of Quady North has a thing for Viognier, Syrah, and Cabernet Franc. Let’s head to Southern Oregon and explore the Applegate Valley and Rogue Valley. That’s right, I’m talking Oregon wine [...]

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Understanding Sustainability in the Winery and Vineyard

What does it really mean to say you are a sustainable winery, from the vineyards that bear the fruits of your labor to the building where you ferment your grape juice? I posed this question and more to podcast guest Karl Wente, Fifth Generation Winemaker and Senior Vice-President of Winemaking at Wente Vineyards (sponsor of my Wine Without [...]

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Wine Photo Tips: Get The Best Out of People and Places

You may remember Photographer Richard Duval from a previous post on how to make, as he likes to say, “memories, not mug shots” when taking photos of people. With my interest piqued to explore the topic more, we met up at Barrage Cellars (thanks, Kevin) in Woodinville, Washington (where Richard is currently exhibiting some unique photos) to [...]

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Uncorking Summer Entertaining: A Conversation With Christine Wente

Though fond of rosé and summertime grilling, as well as outdoor warm-weather festivities, I’m mostly a participant at such activities rather than a host. Because this 42 year-old bachelor does not have a PhD in entertaining a crowd. Hosting a fresh-air fête? I’m flustered. Fortunately, I can call on (and literally called) Christine Wente to appear on [...]

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Drinking Wine in Las Vegas: What’s Hot in the Heat

What wines are people drinking in Las Vegas? I turn to Head Sommelier of Michael Mina Bellagio, Cole Sisson, who stopped by my Wine Without Worry podcast to inform me of what’s hot in the world of fermented grapes. Some of the questions we tackle: Coming from Seattle, what was it like that first night [...]

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The Versatility of Sherry With Master Sommelier Christopher Tanghe

Ever say something dumb in front of a Master Sommelier and have the good fortune to do so during an interview you are recording? Funny you should ask, as that happened to me. You see, I was speaking with Christopher Tanghe, who is not only a Master Sommelier but also the Wine and Service Director [...]

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Bellwether Wine Cellars: The Fascinating Finger Lakes

Let’s get to know the Finger Lakes, and the wines of this New York region! Since I was fascinated by sample bottles from Bellwether Wine Cellars I got to test-drive with Madeline Puckette of Wine Folly, I contacted the winemaker, Kris Matthewson, to ask him to be on my Wine Without Worry podcast. And he agreed [...]

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All Your Summer Sippers With Elaine Chukan Brown

It’s not enough to just sample wines via Skype with Elaine Chukan Brown of Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews, so I asked her to be a guest on my Wine Without Worry podcast while we talked and tasted. And this show’s topic is summer wines. As we did before, Elaine sent me some bottles from California, [...]

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Finding Your Flavor: A Zippy Talk With Madeline Puckette of Wine Folly

What are a couple great wines to enjoy while sitting at a picnic table in the late afternoon sun? I have a couple picks for you. But first, where am I? I’m relaxing outside in the backyard of a Seattle neighborhood home, getting ready to record an episode of my Wine Without Worry podcast with [...]

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Announcing A Year of Wine Without Worry: The Digital Magazine

I was contacted by the team at Luca with a most interesting proposition. They would take my roundup post consisting of all my travels in 2013 and turn it into a digital magazine designed specifically for viewing on iPads and tablets. (It also looks great on your iPhone or smart phone. And will work on [...]

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