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Announcing A Year of Wine Without Worry: The Digital Magazine

I was contacted by the team at Luca with a most interesting proposition. They would take my roundup post consisting of all my travels in 2013 and turn it into a digital magazine designed specifically for viewing on iPads and tablets. (It also looks great on your iPhone or smart phone. And will work on [...]

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How Much Should Wine Matter in a Restaurant Review?

Of course when I go to a restaurant I’m hyper-tuned to pluses and minuses of the wine list. But how much weight should wine carry in the total assessment of a restaurant? What can we learn about the restaurant as a whole based on its beverage service? I am fortunate to have met Hanna Raskin, [...]

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How to Destroy Wine and Food Stereotypes and Embrace Sweetness

Wow, what a fantastic podcast I have for you. How about a one-two punch of Natalie Slater from Bake and Destroy followed by the CakeSpy herself, Jessie Oleson Moore. Whoa! Buckle up. I was inspired to ring Natalie after receiving a free copy of Bake and Destroy: Good Food For Bad Vegans. I totally made [...]

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Are You Getting The Full Pull From Your Wines?

I’ve always been intrigued by the business model of purchasing a wine via nothing but a compelling text-only email that prompts to you open your wallet. Are you on any mailing lists like this? The most famous would be Garagiste, located here in Seattle. Another online wine business (going four-plus years strong) also with a [...]

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Italian Sparkling Wine: 7 Effervescent Thoughts About Ferrari

Greetings from the Trentino-Alto Adige area of Northern Italy. Close to the borders of Austria, Switzerland, and Slovenia, I’m hanging out in Trento. Not only is it a city in Italy but, more vitally to my predilections, it is also the name of a wine region solely dedicated to Italian sparkling wine. Produced in the [...]

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5 Creative Cocktails That Awesomely Transform Wine

Sure, it’s getting easier and easier to find creative cocktails wherever you go. But how many of them use wine as a component? Yeah, a mimosa is great. And I’ll gladly drink my share during brunch. (GLADLY AND WITH ROBUST PLEASURE.) So what would be the results of challenging a bartender to use wine when [...]

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Rosé: The Wine For BBQ, Grilling, and Living

What’s the best wine for BBQ? Sheesh, that’s a topic akin to opening a can of worms. (Sorry if I have you thinking about grilling worms.) For some, BBQ means one thing only: slow and low cooking. For others, if you’ve got burgers and dogs on the grill, that’s BBQ. Not only do you have [...]

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Insider Tips For Discovering the Best BC Wines

My pool of knowledge when it comes to the best BC wines is a shallow one. Frankly, when it comes to British Columbia wines, we’re not even talking kiddie pool-deep. More like a thimble. Luckily, I have Luke Whittall of the excellent blog and podcast Wine Country BC as a friend and guide. He’s been [...]

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The Wines of South Australia Provide a Rich and Lingering Experience

When I say “wines of South Australia“, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Probably Shiraz, right? From legendary old-vine versions that garnish media accolades to mega-brands, it’s hard not to equate South Australia (and all of Australia, for that matter) with Shiraz. But Australia is a huge country, and even within the [...]

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Wine, Flash Cards, Cut Garden Hose, and The Documentary “SOMM”

Would you spend five years studying for an exam you only had a five percent chance of passing? If you’re trying to become a Master Sommelier, of which there are less than 200 in the world, you voice your dream with one word: “YES”. My guest on the Wine Without Worry podcast is Jason Wise, [...]

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