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Question: What is Black Cherrry?


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Question: What Is Purity?

The Answer. 0

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White Priorat

I haven’t been a big fan of reds from the Priorat in Spain. Just not my bag. I was REALLY skeptical about a white. It’s like a fucking kiln in the Priorat; I figured these whites would be boozy, flabby, and oxidized. Wrong! The 2004 Les Brugueres Blanc from Scala Dei was great! 100% Grenache [More]

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Dveri-Pax Does it Again

I have been crying for the last year for my local Dveri-Pax connection to bring in their dry Riesling. I finally got it! My allocation was a measly six-pack, and I plan to hoard it like a miser. What is it like? Very Alsatian, with a complex nose, rich mid-palate, and a very refreshing green [More]

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Not Just a French Rosé Snob

Really enjoyed the Pinot Noir Rose from Elk Cove. Had subtle Pinot character, and depth without weight. Usually I am biased towards the pale, Provencial roses, but this one is fantastic. So very, very easy to drink. Nice to see that dry roses can be made with this kind of skill in the USA. 0

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Pinotage, Mea Culpa!

After being eviscerated by The Pinotage Police for suggesting that 100% Pinotages were nothing more than a curiosity, I took it upon myself to try one above the ten dollar mark. And I’m glad I did! The Wildekrans Pinotage has bold, rich fruit that would please anyone from the world of California to Aussie wine. [More]

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Der Sekt: The Champagne Killer

In my never-ending quest to find fresh, crisp, non-yeasty/doughy sparklers, I have arrived in an unexpected place and grape. Germany. Riesling. I guess you have to tip your hat to both riesling and chenin blanc; is there anything they can’t do? The Raumland Riesling Brut Sekt is the kind of bubbly that you can drink [More]

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The God of White Wine

The New York Times recently published an article on Condrieu, the 100% Viognier from the Northern Rhone that is rare and expensive. All this talk about Condrieu made me thirsty as I had not had one in a long time. Serendipitously, I got a chance to drink one from the same guy (Villard) who makes [More]

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