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Great Food and Wine Pairings: Frozen Pizza and Sauvignon Blanc

I will pretty much drink a white wine with anything. Steak? No problem. BBQ? Why not? I don’t think it works the reverse way; Cabernet and oysters sounds awful. You also have to think about the setting and the company: A 100 degree day in Seattle, fans blowing, lack of AC, an oven far enough [More]

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Chilean Sauvignon Blanc

PulpoOriginally uploaded by jamesonf I drank gallons of tasty, refreshing, non-green beany (like New Zealand SB) Sauvignon Blanc in Chile and it was a true delight. I’m ready to crown Chile as the home of the best Sauv Blanc for the money. It’s also fantastic with the local seafood, like this amazing braised octopus. 0

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Catena Zapata

Catena ZapataOriginally uploaded by jamesonf In Argentina there are lots of great rich reds at great prices with extremely pleasing amounts of fruit, oak, and acidity . But if you are looking for wines that will surprise insufferable old-world, French wine snobs (like myself), you need to try the wines from Catena Zapata. From the [More]

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