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Exploring Chile: Wine, Food, and Horseback Riding

Heading to Chile on a press trip sponsored by Wines of Chile. This photo is from 2009, when I was in Chile with my Mom. Apparently I will be riding a horse at some point, which is an activity I have not taken part in for 30+ years. If anyone has some advice, tips, or [More]

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Aged Muscadet: A Surprising Loire Valley Wine

Maybe Loire Valley wine isn’t at the top of your list when it comes to aged wine from France. Though certainly there are plenty of sweet white wines from the Loire that can last for decades, if not decades after you’re in the ground. (Sorry to be morbid.) But Muscadet, the dry, bracing white wine [More]

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A Wine Tour of Bordeaux via Instagram

Created with flickr slideshow.Hey do you want to see 137 pictures from my wine tour of Bordeaux? I didn’t think so. So here’s a slide show of only 18, with all of the photos filtered via Instagram. I figured it would be a fun way to cull the herd down to a manageable amount that [More]

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Distinctive Rosé Champagne Styles Plus Potato Chips at Fat Cork

When you put rosé and Champagne together you definitely get something I adore. Rosé Champagne combines my love of dry, still rosé with the elegance and pleasure of bubbles. So it was instructive and informative (and thirst-slakingly pleasurable) to be invited to taste four Rosé Champagnes of different styles, colors, and flavors at Fat Cork‘s [More]

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What Do You Call An 18 Liter Bottle of Wine?

Of all the things I learned in Bordeaux, none was more important than what you call an 18 liter bottle of wine.

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2005 Rudd Oakville Estate Red: Two-Word Review

“Thanks, Mom.” After drinking the 2005 Rudd Oakville Estate Red, those are the two words best describe my feelings about this wine. It had been a while since I had such a memorable red from Napa Valley, so I owe a debt of gratitude to my Napa Valley-loving mother, who was nice enough to let [More]

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The Tiniest of Shrimp with Star Anise and White Bordeaux

Nothing cures jet lag like a glass of White Bordeaux and a bowlful of very, very tiny shrimp with star anise. My first afternoon in Bordeaux on a media trip sponsored by Planet Bordeaux was spent gathered round a kitchen counter at Chateau Saint Barbe. It sits a (literal) stone’s throw from the Garrone river: [More]

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The Vino Volo Wine Chart Makes Airport Drinking Informative

Who says your airport wine drinking can’t be educational? Always liked how Vino Volo has this cute coaster with all the info you need about the wine in front of you. I especially dig the chart with the Fruit/Complexity axis. This is definitely a light and bright New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc! I’ve really enjoyed discovering [More]

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