About Me

Jameson Fink with wine and chips

Most recently I worked at Google as a Content Editor. Check out my LinkedIn profile and see a curated portfolio of my work on Contently.

Some highlights:

The time Sam Neill was on my podcast.

I researched and wrote this Lakes of the World quiz for Google Earth.

For Tenderly: Keep your Wi-Fi-enabled instant pot. I’m an old-fashioned slow cooker kinda guy.

What does an Odd Fox have to do with coffee? Find out in Fresh Cup.

I moved all the way from Seattle to New York in 2015 to become Senior Editor at Wine Enthusiast. (I was also Senior Digital Editor.) Read my personal essays for The Thuse from the final page (“Last Drop”) of these issues:

The first: “Flying Blind While Tasting Wine.” It’s all about anxiety.

The second: Traveling wine country with my mom after the death of my father. Read “Growing Closer in Distant Vineyards.” (Grab a Kleenex or two.)

The third: Mop Buckets and Monumental Bordeaux.

I also had opinions about wine things on The Thuse. Two other print pieces you can read online are my defense of (1) oaky white wines and (2) the Champagne flute.

Prior to that I was Drinks Editor at msn.com, answering wine questions you were afraid to ask.

Wondering what it’s like to live on a family farm and cidery in the dead of winter? I wrote about that, too. (Edible Seattle)

Look at all the posts I wrote for Grape Collective:

Grape Collective

Peruse my nearly five years of work as Wine Editor for Foodista.com.

2013 Saveur Best Food Blog Awards finalist in the Wine or Beer Blog Category? And 2015 finalist for Best Wine Coverage? Yes and yes.

saveur best food blog awardsSaveur Blog Awards 2015

I love Skittles more than Marshawn Lynch. Especially with wine:

IFBC Wine Pairing with Jameson Fink from Idea Farmer on Vimeo.

Wine Without Worry: The Podcast. Great for treadmill time, long car rides, horrific commutes.

Ten Things About Me:

I’ve visited vineyards and wineries in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, FranceItalyPortugalSpain, and Greece. (Also CaliforniaWashingtonOregon, New York, and Virginia.)
I like t-shirts and jeans with my wine.
I have ten years of experience in the retail wine business.
I’ve worked in restaurants and bakeries in Flagstaff and Chicago.
My decade in Seattle was spent entirely on Capitol Hill. Find out 17 Things I’ll Miss About Seattle.
I’m also fond of beer and cider. Ooh, and cocktails. (Get a recipe for a drink that has a float of red wine on top.)
I will dazzle or dismay you with an overabundance of parenthetical asides and exclamation points. (Seriously! It’s who am!)
I’d rather be drinking Champagne.
I love v-neck sweaters, though recently I’ve leaned more crew neck.
I’m happy that you read all of these, and hope you’ll visit often.

Check out my ebook in the Beginners Guide to Wine series! How could you not have a thirst to know more about Melon de Bourgogne? (Seriously!)

Also, I’m a three-time nominee for the Wine Blog Awards: Best Overall Wine Blog for 2012 and Best Writing for 2013 and 2014. (Where’s my 2014 badge, WBA?)

WBA-2012-Finalist-Logo-Overall2013 Wine Blog Awards: Best Writing