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Haywire The Bub: Easy-Opening Sparkling Wine from BC

As you well know I am a fan of sparkling wine in all forms, from the humble to the sublime. Recently had a friend/hero bring back (per my request) a bottle of Haywire The Bub from British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. It’s a single-vineyard (Secrest Mountain) vintage-dated bottle (2012) that I love for many reasons, which [More]

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Go Haywire for Pink Bub Sparkling Rosé From British Columbia

I don’t know if a wine gets more fun than this Haywire Pink Bub sparkling rosé, which I had the pleasure of enjoying while on a trip to the Okanagan Valley. (Read all about it and listen to the podcast, too.) An almost equal mix of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the welcoming personality of this wine [More]

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British Columbia Winery Tour: Interviews at Six Okanagan Wineries

What a pleasure to travel to British Columbia and visit wineries up and down the Okanagan Valley. I had my handy audio recorder with me and captured six interviews with six fantastic folks while on a media trip put together by Wines of British Columbia. You may have gotten a taste of my experience there when [More]

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Tantalus Riesling: Electricity in Okanagan White Wines

Finally got to visit the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. Beautiful wine country! Big thanks to Wines of British Columbia for sending me on a mission (media trip) to discover what the region has to offer. I was really excited to see numerous wineries, but especially Tantalus Vineyards. I discovered their Old Vines Riesling Natural [More]

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Dabble in Dry Muscat from Joie Farm in the Okanagan Valley

The last time I was in British Columbia I came back across the border with some Canadian wine that I was very curious to sample. None more so than a bottle from Joie Farm, located on the Okanagan Valley’s picturesque Naramata Bench. And I was not disappointed. Joie’s 2012 Muscat was, well, a joy to [More]

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Fol Epi in Victoria, BC: Does a More Perfect Sandwich Exist?

In a past life I was a baker, so while recently in Victoria, BC, I was excited to check out Fol Epi. I got a hot tip from my friend Jay Friedman that the smoked albacore tuna sandwich was not to be missed. You can check out his take on Serious Eats. And also peruse [More]

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Six Hours of Eating in Richmond, BC: Dim Sum, The Crispiest Pork, and a Bakery Run

A visit to Richmond, BC, for a dim sum eating expedition began, as all culinary adventures should, bright and early in the morning. See, there’s a 9:43am time stamp to prove it. (Context: It also took place after a night in Vancouver that involved five izakaya visits plus a ramen finale. There was less than [More]

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Insider Tips For Discovering the Best BC Wines

My pool of knowledge when it comes to the best BC wines is a shallow one. Frankly, when it comes to British Columbia wines, we’re not even talking kiddie pool-deep. More like a thimble. Luckily, I have Luke Whittall of the excellent blog and podcast Wine Country BC as a friend and guide. He’s been [More]

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