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California Melon from Lieu Dit: Muscadet Fans Take Note

If you love Muscadet as much as I do, here’s a wine to hoard. Or purchase and share, whatevs. It’s California Melon. The former being the state (duh) and the later being the name of the grape. Muscadet from the Loire Valley is a wine made from the Melon (de Bourgogne) grape. Outside of this [More]

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Choose Your Own Wine Adventure at The Winemakers Studio

Are you interested in being a winemaker for a day? Does the thought of playing with beakers and graduated cylinders make you want to get your wine nerd on? I know, me too! Now you can indulge that passion at The Winemakers Studio, located at the HQ of my podcast sponsor, Wente Vineyards, in California’s Livermore [More]

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A Smooth Tale of Two California Cabernets

Are you looking for a duo of California Cabernets, though from different producers, parts, and vineyards, united by one thing? And is that thing you desire…SMOOTHNESS? Well you’ve come to the right blog. Now, don’t take smooth like these wines are devoid of edge or interest. They just aren’t going to clobber you over the [More]

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Nominated for a 2014 Wine Blog Award for Best Writing

Hey there! It’s Wine Blog Awards time, and possibly the third is the charm? As I’m up for the “Best Writing” prize for the second year in a row. And two years ago I got a “Best Overall” nod. If you’d like to vote for me (Note: polls close at the end of Thursday) and [More]

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Uproot Wines: Can You Hear the Colorful Labels?

As you know, I am fascinated not just by wine but also the labels that adorn each bottle. You might say I suffer from, or rather revel in, Label Lust. Also, who else could corral five fantastic graphic designers to critique a wine label? Answer: No one. (Duh.) So when Clive Pursehouse, he of the [More]

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William Allen of Two Shepherds: The Surprising Life of a Winemaker

You ever wonder what it takes to become a winemaker? And then decide to go pro? I had a chance to chat with William Allen, who is the Owner/Winemaker/Chief Barrel-washer, etc of Two Shepherds in California. I got to know William originally through the world of blogging and have had the chance to hang out [More]

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Corison Winery Cabernet: Serendipity in St. Helena

I had tasted Corison Winery Cabernet Sauvignon on one previous occasion, recall really liking it, and them promptly moved on to about 1,000 other things/bottles. I recently passed by the winery in St. Helena, CA, on my way to Sonoma, and told my Mom, “Hey, there’s Corsion.” End of story. Until a Twitter moment happened: [More]

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Geyserville, CA: Discovering Valdiguie and the Best Pizza Ever at Diavola

When contemplating Geyserville, CA, my thoughts initially turn to wine. But now it’s focused on the best pizza I ever ate, which you can find at Diavola. OK, I still think a lot about wine. And one of the things I love about Diavola is that while you are waiting for your pizza to emerge [More]

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