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An Interview with Eleanor Léger of Eden Specialty Ciders

You know I love cider. I spent a dang January living on an idyllic organic family farm and cidery. (Read all about it.) So when I get a chance to taste (drink) it and learn about it, I jump at the chance. I was invited to attend a convivial dinner at Jeepney, a very cool [More]

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Washington Cider: A Visit to Seattle Cider Company and Nashi Orchards

Recently took a media tour focused on cider in the Seattle area. And recorded my thoughts on a couple stops via conversations with my podcast producer, Tina Nole. She’s also at the helm of Seattle Kitchen, where you can hear our cider chats. Our first is on a bus post-visit to Seattle Cider Company in SoDo. [More]

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Cider and Food Pairing Guide for Washington Cider Week

Hi there! It’s Washington Cider Week NOW through the 20th of September. I really dig this cider and food pairing guide that the folks at the Northwest Cider Association put together. To recap: Dry with pulled pork, oily fish, or sausage Semi-sweet with spicy Asian cuisine, pasta with white sauce, or blue cheese Perry with [More]

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Brunch Cider: Domaine de la Minotière

I know Sunday’s a few days off but I’m already thinking about brunch. Why? Because of this cider from Domaine de la Minotière in Normandy. (Or rather, cidre.) It was part of a small cache of French cider sent to me as samples by Winesellers, Ltd. (Thanks!) Domaine de la Minotière Cidre Fermier Bio Doux What [More]

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Le Brun Cidre from Brittany: Cider Love

Let’s talk about cider. It’s hot: the weather and the beverage. What could be more perfect than fermented apple juice? I was recently sent a couple sample bottles of Le Brun Cidre that are perfect for summer love. Or lurv. Whatever. What makes them so seasonally delightful besides their obvious refreshing ways? Well, how about their [More]

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Thoughtful Washington Wine Pairings in Edible Seattle: The Cookbook

It probably comes as no surprise that Edible Seattle: The Cookbook (edited by Jill Lightner) is full of great recipes centered on local ingredients and the local cooks and chefs who bring them to your table. I also enjoy its readability beyond the recipes, with charming and informative introductions to each recipe, tips on cooking [More]

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Producing Artisanal Hard Cider: Interview with Keith Kisler

I’ve worked along Keith Kisler at Finnriver, helping produce artisanal hard cider for most of my month on the farm. OK, well I’m not making the cider, but rather assisting with bottling and other tasks that I cannot turn into a catastrophe. Working on the line also gives me a chance to learn more about [More]

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An Interview With Crystie Kisler of Finnriver Farm

Crystie and Keith Kisler are the owners of Finnriver Farm and Cidery. It’s been great spending time at their farm, in their home, and with their family, neighbors, and friends. I’ve enjoyed talking to Crystie about life on the farm and, well, life, and came up with a few questions for her that would allow [More]

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