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Finnriver Cider: Family, Farm and Flavor on the Olympic Peninsula

This city boy spent the month of January 2012 living and volunteering at Finnriver Farm and Cidery on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. So many wonderful memories of my time there, you can catch up on all my adventures during that month in this blog post. (Including a link to my Edible Seattle article recalling my [More]

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A Totally Sweet Dessert Wine Collaboration with CakeSpy

I turned yesterday into Super Bowl SundaeĀ (<–read all about it), thanks to a (now declassified) dessert wine investigation with none other than CakeSpy herself, Jessie Moore. You certainly don’t want to miss me getting interviewed by a cupcake and the delicious dessert idea we came up with that will elevate the ordinary into the stratosphere [More]

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Looking Back on My Month at Finnriver Farm and Cidery

Shortly before I returned to Seattle I spoke with Jeff and Janet (pictured in the upper right), who are partners and manage the day-to-day operation of the farm, about what makes Finnriver so unique. “It takes a lot of people with different backgrounds to make a farm a business and a community,” Janet explained. “It’s [More]

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Producing Artisanal Hard Cider: Interview with Keith Kisler

I’ve worked along Keith Kisler at Finnriver, helping produce artisanal hard cider for most of my month on the farm. OK, well I’m not making the cider, but rather assisting with bottling and other tasks that I cannot turn into a catastrophe. Working on the line also gives me a chance to learn more about [More]

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Finnriver Farm in Pictures: Before and After the Snow

I put together a photo essay for Foodista, inspired by how the snow at Finnriver Farm and Cidery has transformed the landscape.

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An Interview With Crystie Kisler of Finnriver Farm

Crystie and Keith Kisler are the owners of Finnriver Farm and Cidery. It’s been great spending time at their farm, in their home, and with their family, neighbors, and friends. I’ve enjoyed talking to Crystie about life on the farm and, well, life, and came up with a few questions for her that would allow [More]

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Images from Finnriver Farm and Cidery at the Halfway Point

I’m about halfway through my month here at Finnriver and I”m looking back on some of my favorite images and memories so far. This second half will be spent telling you about the great people I’ve been spending a lot of time with here. It’s been a pleasure getting to know Keith, Crystie, Jeff, and [More]

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A Barrel-Aged Cider and Grilled Cheese Renaissance

Nothing like a barrel-aged cider and grilled cheese for lunch to put you in a good mood. And the view at Renaissance in Port Angeles, WA, is one that I hated to walk away from. Seriously, check out this view again! Renaissance’s breads, cheeses, produce, and libations are all sourced with the vision of being [More]

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