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Traveling 54 Years in One Evening with Two Wines

A duo of bottles serving as bookends to a media event sponsored by Barton & Guestier  practically told the story of French wine, how the industry has developed, and how tastes have evolved. Yep, over five decades of change distilled (fermented, rather) into one short, yet memorable, evening. Let’s start from the end, which is [More]

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Go Gamay Go: Two Bottles Starring My Favorite Red Grape

Gamay freaks unite! And they/we do, across the globe, thanks to #gogamaygo. Check it out on IG. I believe the origins of it come from my friend Treve Ring but I’m not sure. And though the grape is popping up all over the world, the best stuff is from France. Particularly Beaujolais. Here are two [More]

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A Wine for a Dreadfully Awkward Meal in A.S. Byatt’s Possession

Ugh. You ever read something that so encapsulates, with painful accuracy, a relationship on the decline? Or one that possibly never had an apex? This is my thought when I read A.S. Byatt’s Possession: A Romance. (Spoiler alert: the romance is not about these two, Val and Roland, who live in a dingy, cat-piss scented [More]

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My Thanksgiving Dinner Wine Will be Cheap and Cheerful

While I wouldn’t blame you for finding this vintage postcard distressing, your selection of a Thanksgiving dinner wine should not put you under duress. Keep it cheap and cheerful. Sealed with a  screwcap? Even better. No fumbling for a corkscrew or someone who knows how to use it.  With that in mind, this year I’m [More]

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Blanquette de Limoux Loves Salty Snacks

If you know me at all, you know I love bubbles and salty snacks. There’s a particular French sparkler called Blanquette de Limoux that’s cheap and cheerful; perfect for wiling away an afternoon. It’s from the region of Limoux, which is the south part of France. Did you know they’ve been making bubbles in Limoux [More]

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Learn About Melon de Bourgogne in My Beginners Guide To Wine eBook

If you are not familiar with the Melon de Bourgogne grape, I am excited to announce the publication of my ebook in the Beginners Guide to Wine series. Thanks to 101 Publishing, you can learn about the grape that makes one of my all-time favorite white wines, Muscadet. I really want to stress that this [More]

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Vin de Savoie Rosé is a Wine That Makes Afternoons Perfect

Though not familiar with Vin de Savoie rosé, a wine hailing from the eastern edge of France touching Switzerland and Italy, I’m going to give any dry, pink wine from France a fair shake (and sip) when set in front of me. Especially when I’m at Bar Ferd’nand in the spacious and impressive Melrose Market, [More]

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A Loire Valley Rosé and Red Summer Wine Bargain

I’ve been a fan of everything from France’s Loire Valley for quite a while, but two co-op wines sampled at a recent tasting put on by the Loire Valley Wine Bureau were standouts that will slake your thirst for a one-two summer wine bargain punch: 2011 Cave Cooperative du Vendômois Coteaux de Vendômois Lieu-dit* Cocagne 2010 [More]

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