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New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Podcast

Hard to think of any grape that blew up in popularity like New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Certainly, no white wine has had the kind of spectacular success and continued growth as NZ SB. But is it a little one-note, samey-same? This is an issue I explore on the latest episode of the What We’re Tasting [More]

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Spy vs. Spy: Comparing Two New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs from Spy Valley

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is something I used to find irresistible. Then I got traumatized by countless examples reminiscent of canned green beans. Most unpleasant. So I turned my back on it. It got to the point where, as a wine buyer, one of my sales reps was hesitant to present NZ Sauv Blanc. And, [More]

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The Vino Volo Wine Chart Makes Airport Drinking Informative

Who says your airport wine drinking can’t be educational? Always liked how Vino Volo has this cute coaster with all the info you need about the wine in front of you. I especially dig the chart with the Fruit/Complexity axis. This is definitely a light and bright New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc! I’ve really enjoyed discovering [More]

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