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Label Lust: Minimus Vermentino

Word of Minimus Wines, located in Oregon, came my way via the Northwest Wine Anthem. So when I saw one of their offerings, a Vermentino, available by the glass at Seattle’s Matt’s in the Market, I pounced. What a fantastic lunchtime wine. You don’t often see domestic versions of this Italian grape (aka “Rolle” in [More]

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2013 Bergström Rosé Makes The Sun Come Out

  Just leaving Bergström Wines in Oregon’s Willamette Valley where I had my first taste of 2013 rosé. Their version is made from Pinot Noir and, as the picture above shows, I’d like to think it made the sun start to break through the clouds. Oh, and the flower on the label? It’s the mosippa. [More]

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Label Lust: Sokol Blosser Evolution Sparkling

The playful side of Oregon’s historic Sokol Blosser winery comes out in this Evolution Sparkling label. A new release in its popular lineup of red and white, this sparkling wine especially gives me Label Lust when you peruse not the front of the bottle but rather the rear. It pleases me to view a back [More]

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Is it Fine to Filter Wine?

I first met Erath Senior Winemaker Gary Horner while on a trip sponsored by Ste. Michelle Wine Estates. And while I had a fascinating (and tasty) time sampling wines from various vineyards, grape vine clones, and vintages, I was most intrigued by his thoughts about filtering wine. Specifically, that he was a proponent of the [More]

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Biodynamics, Voodoo in Your Glass, and Wineries for Aging Hipsters

Have you heard of biodynamics? It’s a holistic system of agriculture founded by the brilliant Ruldof Steiner that has taken a hold in the world of vineyard management and wine production. But it has its detractors who find it to be a lot of hooey. Emblematic of that sentiment is the biodyamic practice of burying [More]

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Getting to Southern Oregon Wine By Way of Pittsburgh

How much do you know about Southern Oregon Wine? For most people (and myself included), Oregon wine means one grape and one region: Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley. But not only are there a great diversity of wines being produced within the Willamette Valley, you can also find many exciting wines made in the [More]

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Other People’s Pinot Noir is Not Naughty, Naturally

If your salad days were in the 1990s and you’re a wine blogger, I defy you to write about the 2010 Mouton Noir O.P.P. (“Other People’s Pinot” Noir) and not think of the ubiquitous Naughty by Nature song. It was inescapable in 1991. Well, I was able to escape it. I think I spent most [More]

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IFBC: Where Potato Chips and Jalapeños Met Oregon Wine

IFBC Wine Pairing with Jameson Fink from Idea Farmer on Vimeo. As the Wine Editor for Foodista, I had the pleasure of leading a food and wine pairing adventure at the International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC) in Portland, Oregon. In an attempt to break out of the “pair x food with y wine ” rut, [More]

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