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Oregon Wine Country: To the Columbia Gorge!

I recently returned from the Wine Bloggers Conference in Portland and knew part of my experience there would entail a bus trip to Oregon Wine Country. But where in Oregon? One of the highlights of the conference is when almost 400 wine bloggers pour out of the hotel, boarding buses to a destination unknown. You [More]

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Label Lust: Chehalem Pinot Noir

I have to say this is the first time I’ve been contacted by a winery not only because they wanted me to try a new release, but also because they wanted me to check out their new label. So I was intrigued to have a sample bottle of 2010 Chehalem Pinot Noir, from the Stoller [More]

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Learn About Melon de Bourgogne in My Beginners Guide To Wine eBook

If you are not familiar with the Melon de Bourgogne grape, I am excited to announce the publication of my ebook in the Beginners Guide to Wine series. Thanks to 101 Publishing, you can learn about the grape that makes one of my all-time favorite white wines, Muscadet. I really want to stress that this [More]

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Spindrift Cellars Oregon Rosé for a Thirsty Summer

I’ll admit to a strong predilection towards rosé from Southern France, particularly the regions of Provence and Bandol. But that doesn’t mean I’m immune to the charms of an Oregon Rosé, especially when it is as delightful as the Spindrift Cellars. Made from Oregon’s most famous grape, Pinot Noir, the Spindrift Cellars is textbook pleasure [More]

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Label Lust: Teutonic Wine Company Silvaner

It’s not just glitzy, hyper-modern wine labels that make me swoon, and the Teutonic Wine Company Silvaner is a perfect example of that. Looking at it makes me feel like I’m paging through a charmingly illustrated wildlife guide, with suggestive radishes and a glass of wine off to the side. (Note: radishes and wine are [More]

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The 2002 Antica Terra Pinot Noir is a Decade-Old Delight

It’s been a banner couple of months for me and aged Oregon Pinot, and the 2002 Antica Terra Pinot Noir was no exception. It started a little funky at first, but after being open for a while, really hit its stride. What’s really curious about this wine is that it came in a 500ml bottle. [More]

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Drinking an Amity Vineyards 1985 Oregon Pinot Noir

How does an Oregon Pinot Noir from 1985 taste? Find out how this Amity Vineyards wine fared in my latest post on the Foodista blog.

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Label Lust: A Duo From Domaine Pouillon

Two of my new favorite wine labels come from Domaine Pouillon. I was introduced to them at a lunch in Hood River, OR, highlighting the diversity and uniqueness of the Columbia Gorge wine region. As a coffee lover, the label for the 2009 Syrah “French Press” immediately caught my eye. You also gotta love a [More]

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