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2004 Hogue Johannisberg Riesling

2004 Hogue Johannisberg RieslingOriginally uploaded by jamesonf Wow. One of the most unexpected and surprising wines I have tasted in a long time. Maybe ever. This was the first vintage in screwcap for the Hogue Johannisberg Riesling. It drank like a great, dry Aussie Riesling with petrol and lime notes. Somehow the sugar had faded, [More]

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Dveri-Pax Does it Again

I have been crying for the last year for my local Dveri-Pax connection to bring in their dry Riesling. I finally got it! My allocation was a measly six-pack, and I plan to hoard it like a miser. What is it like? Very Alsatian, with a complex nose, rich mid-palate, and a very refreshing green [More]

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Der Sekt: The Champagne Killer

In my never-ending quest to find fresh, crisp, non-yeasty/doughy sparklers, I have arrived in an unexpected place and grape. Germany. Riesling. I guess you have to tip your hat to both riesling and chenin blanc; is there anything they can’t do? The Raumland Riesling Brut Sekt is the kind of bubbly that you can drink [More]

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