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South Africa

I am off for a week-long wine tour of South Africa! I’ll be keeping a journal while I am there and will post when I get back. In non-South Africa news, the 2006 Saint Cosme CDR is drinking great right now. That’s now a 4-year run of excellence for my favorite under $15 red. 0

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The 2004 Saint Cosme Cotes-du-Rhone…

…is drinking beautifully. Don’t worry about the synthetic cork. I recently drank a 2000 Maculan Brentino with a synthetic cork and it was great. But this should not be about synthetic corks. Rather, just a quick note that a 14 dollar wine from two vintages ago is as pure and lovely as a Syrah that [More]

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2005 Saint Cosme Cotes-Du-Rhone: Day 2

Phenomenal! The fruit is all there. So pure, true, and delicious. The definition of Syrah. What a great wine! I cannot stress this enough: BUY A CASE. PUT IT SOMEWHERE RELATIVELY COOL AND DARK. OPEN IT IN 2008. DRINK ONE BOTTLE EVERY MONTH. REPEAT WITH THE 2006 VINTAGE AND RINSE. Don’t come cryin’ to me [More]

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2005 Saint Cosme Cotes-Du-Rhone

I can never stop posting about this wine. The 2005 is a big-time winner, just like the 2003 and 2004. To recap: 100% Syrah, no oak, ageworthy. It is the best wine in the world for under 15 bucks…AGAIN!!! I wish I still had some 03s, have 6 04s, and tucked a case of 05s [More]

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Saint Cosme Does it Again

I have sung the praises of the Saint Cosme CDR; a 100% Syrah with purity and elegance. I just got my hands on a 2004 Cotes du Rhone Les Deux Albions. It’s a step up in price from the regular CDR and a blend rather than 100% Syrah. (And it has a real cork instead [More]

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2004 Saint Cosme Cotes du Rhone

The 2003 Saint Cosme CDR was the best Syrah (and probably the best red wine) I have drank under 15 bucks retail. It’s 100% Syrah. I drank one about 6 months after drinking my last 2003 and it was so incredible, showing me so many different things. And if you have a pizza with mushrooms [More]

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2003 Saint Cosme CDR: Still the King

I thought I would never get to drink one of these babies again; they have been sold out for months. Then my colleague pulls one out of his wine storage at the shop after a miserable day of lugging hundreds of cases. Yay! It had actually changed quite a bit since my last taste. It [More]

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The Greatest Syrah Ever for Under 15 Bucks

2003 Saint Cosme Cotes-du-Rhone (CDR) I have had a lot of pruney, syrupy CDR from 2003, but this Saint Cosme (pronounced sahnt comb) is mind-blowing. First, most CDR is a blend and this baby is 100% syrah. I bet it is declassified Gigondas. It keeps showing you so much in the glass, evolving, brooding. Incredible [More]

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