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Detecting Winemaking Differences By Comparing Bottles: TEXSOM Seminar

One of numerous fascinating seminars I attended at TEXSOM was “Tasting Focus: Distinguishing Winemaking Choices” led by Master Sommeliers (MS) Matthew Citriglia and Geoff Kruth. Wines were compared in contrasting sets of two. First up? Lees. Lees are the dead, spent yeast cells and other leftover solids that, when in contact with a wine prior to [More]

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How Does Chardonnay Age Under Screwcap? Kumeu River Wines at TEXSOM

When I attended TEXSOM, one of my goals as far as the seminars I signed up for was to embrace new experiences that would broaden my understanding about the world of wine. Actually, more like shine a light on a place, a person, and a process unbeknownst to me. This is why I chose to attend [More]

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Wild Beers, Oak Barrels, and Microbes at TEXSOM

Howdy from Dallas where I’m at TEXSOM, a most excellent beverage conference with a strong wine focus. But one cannot live on wine alone. Which is why I decided to get wild with beer. Not wild like pool-party in the 105 degree heat wild. (Well, it’s actually just a few people chilling and drinking beer [More]

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TEXSOM Preview: From Chianti to Carignan and Even Cold Beer

Hey there! I am off to Texas to attend TEXSOM this weekend. What is TEXSOM? I like how the Twitter profile for the event puts it: “Annual event for beverage pros from around the world held in Dallas, Texas in August. That’s right August! #TEXSOM” (In other words, we know how hot it’s going to [More]

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