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François Villard Makes the Ultimate Viognier For Under $30

I’m grateful when I get to go to big wine trade tastings, but they can be overwhelming. One hundred-plus tables, many of them crowded with clamoring masses, yearning to drink taste free. My advice is to go in with a battle plan. Study that spiral-bound playbook you get on arrival! But sometimes it’s dumb luck [More]

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The Best Cheap White Wine: Cono Sur Bicicleta Viognier

I traveled all the way to a ramen place in Richmond, British Columbia, to find—from Chile—one of the best cheap white wines I’ve ever had: the 2013 Cono Sur Bicicleta Viognier. This is a grape that can produce very expensive, sublime wines in France from the tiny region of Condrieu. Viognier can also produce very oily, [More]

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Your Official World Cup Party Wine

Check out my selection on the Foodista Blog; click on the title of this post to jump to it.

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The Gilda of White Wines

All my thoughts about Rita Hayworth in Gilda and a red wine sexy enough to even be in the same room as her got me thinking about what white wine could be in the same discussion. The answer is: Condrieu. It is the purest expression of Viognier and it makes you wonder why any other [More]

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