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Weekend Wine Links: Pairing With Weed Plus a Contrarian View on Somms and Champagne

After a week of soul-crushing commuting, particularly Thursday’s debacle coming back from Bellevue to Seattle on the 520 floating bridge, I am especially ready to relax and fire up…some weekend wine links! First up: Finally, someone pairs wine with weed. And wines that I am fond of! I, however, have no feelings for the strains [More]

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Weekend Wine Links: Wild Boars, Flat Tires, and Travel Tips

Pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass, and get cozy with these Weekend Wine Links. Let’s find out what I’ve been sampling online in the world of wine. How about a quick wine review before getting started? That ok? La Clarine Farm is a cool winery out of California doing familiar and oddball (in the best way) [More]

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Weekend Wine Links: The SAVEUR Blog Awards Edition

Inspired by my friend Elaine from Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews, this edition of Weekend Wine Links will take a look at the SAVEUR Blog Awards. Specifically (and not surprisingly…) the finalists for Best Wine Content. What have they been up to lately? Let’s find out: Alice Feiring of The Feiring Line, writing on the excellent site [More]

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Weekend Wine Links: Rosé, Hot Dogs, Craigslist, Marimba

It’s rainy and fairly miserable atmospheric in Seattle right now. Time to curl up with some Weekend Wine Links! Did you know that Jessica Certo was an opera singer before she became a sommelier? If that’s not cool enough, Certo also likes Cru Beaujolais with hotdogs and tater tots. AKA: my dream meal. [email protected], wine director [More]

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Weekend Wine Links: Eggplant, Easter Candy, Lust

The best way I know to unwind after a long week? Compiling and sharing some fresh wine links with you. Let’s do this! Did you get a chance to listen to my podcast with Mary Cressler and Sean Martin, my favorite wine and BBQ couple in Portland? Get the recipe for their fantastic smoked eggplant dip. [More]

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Weekend Wine Links: Corison Cabernet, Port Tongs, and Stray Cats

Pour yourself a glass and get up to speed on what’s caught my eye in the world of wine. Happy reading and drinking! One of the best wines I’ve had in the last few years was 2001 Corison Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Kronos Vineyard. (Out of magnum, no less!) If you’re ever in St. Helena, make [More]

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Weekend Wine Links: Hipster Deer, Artichokes, Volcanos

It’s time again for another round of Weekend Wine Links. Here’s what I’ve been perusing regarding all things on the internet relating to the fermented grape. Is this the world’s first wine-pouring hipster deer? Do you think I somewhat resemble this deer? The glasses, the sweater, the antlers. Well, maybe not that last part. Thou [More]

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Weekend Wine Links: Dirty Lists, Non-Awful Prosecco, Cool Kids

You know what I do when I’m not writing about wine? I’m READING about wine. All over the internet! Yes! I’m pretty one-dimensional, sad to say. But that dimension is full of all kinds of colors, sounds, liquids, solids, and other cool stuff. So, to paraphrase (lift) what Bill Murray said in Caddyshack, I got [More]

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