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Proceed With Caution When Pairing a Well-Aged Wine With Food?

Initially I had a more provocative title for pushing the notion that pairing old wines with food is…perhaps counterproductive. But in my latest article for VinePair, the idea thankfully matured like a…well, you know what. I ended up getting my impertinence tempered by three wine experts: Heinz Frishengruber, managing winemaker/technical director at Domäne Wachau (Austria) [More]

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A Wine Pairing With This Blog? The Drunken Cyclist Selection

In the annals of wine pairing, surely this is one question even I have not pondered. Thankfully, I know The Drunken Cyclist (TDC). Rather, thankfully, he knows me. Jeff over at TDC has one of my favorite wine blogs. He’s prolific, has a wry/dry sense of humor, is occasionally rant-y, and often thirsty. Jeff does things [More]

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How to Pair Wine With Figs and Cheese

I was sent a powerhouse of a care package courtesy of Valley Fig Growers. Four fig spreads paired with four cheeses plus a lovely piece of slate to show off all this goodness on? Damn! Thank you. Naturally, as I began to unpack and snack, my thoughts turned to wine and what would work with [More]

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What Red Wine Pairs With Salmon?

Living in the Pacific Northwest, pairing salmon with Oregon Pinot Noir is a big thing. And a good thing. (Hi, Martha.) But can you consider, for a moment, an alternative? Red Wine For Salmon? Try Beaujolais Go Gamay, go! I love you so. The grape that makes the wonderful red wines of Beaujolais is so choice. [More]

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A White Wine to Pair with Gravlax

I spent a warm hour or so indoors* at Seattle’s Westward during our recent run of 90 degree weather and wanted nothing to do with any food that would come to me heated. Luckily this restaurant had two things that cooled me down: Gravlax and Jane Ventura Blanc Selecció 2014 You know I love Jane Ventura’s Cava. (Read all about [More]

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Pairing White Wine With Steak

One of the many things I love about Dabble Magazine is that my ace editor lets me get a little wild with the pairings. I can do things I dared never dream, like suggesting white wine with steak. Yup, you read that correctly. Well, ok the dish is actually steak in in raw form aka [More]

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