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Describing Taste: Inviting Versus Projecting

I’ve been ruminating on taste and preference, specifically regarding a column in the Wine Spectator labeling “tart” and “green” as negative attributes in a wine. You can read my take on “Dim Somms” over at Grape Collective. Maybe instead of such a dichotomous debate about how things “should” taste (balanced/unbalanced, over-ripe/under-ripe) we can all take [More]

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Resolve for a New Year

Are you a New Year’s Resolutions type of person? I’m not. Normally New Year’s Eve is a time for me to become extra anxious about the year past. (Or passing, rather.) I like to go back and think about what happened over the year. The Good. The Bad. The Regretful. And then I replay the [More]

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2012: Full of Tote Bags, Oregon, and Skittles

I’m feeling guilty that I didn’t hand-select my 5 favorite blog missives for this post. (“Then why didn’t you do it? Lazy blogger! Boo!”) But I like the idea of letting the numbers decide my Top 5 Posts for 2012. It was surprising and very curious to see what resonated the most. But next year [More]

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Win “My Book Club Only Reads Wine Labels” Tote!

I came across this “My Book Club Only Reads Wine Labels” tote on the internets thanks to my friend Sarah. I decided to post about it, and it turned into one of my most popular posts. So on a lark, I decided to contact the creator of this funny-because-it’s-true catch phrase, Sally Beerworth. I wanted [More]

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Wines I Tasted Yesterday

Busy day yesterday; visited by both Palm Bay and The Sorting Table. Palm Bay: 2009 El Portillo Sauvignon Blanc: I still prefer Sauv Blanc from Chile, but this is cheap and cheerful enough. 2008 Santa Rita “Medalla Real” Chardonnay: Would please the California Chard crowd, but not sweet or flabby. 2009 El Portillo Malbec: Sometimes [More]

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White Wine Gets Older, Fatter and That’s OK

I expound on my thoughts about drinking a Muscadet with a few years of bottle age on the Foodista Blog. Click on the title of this link to jump to it.

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MuscadetOriginally uploaded by jamesonf Interesting to drink a Muscadet with some age on it. Will tell you more on my Foodista post tomorrow.

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I Will Accept Zinfandel as a Small Percentage of a Red Wine to Drink at an Outdoor Summer BBQ

Zinfandel, my nemesis grape that people seem to love to drink while roasting in the sun and eating roasted food, does have a place in summer: when it’s blended with Pinot Noir and Syrah. Never in my life would I have thought someone would blend Pinot Noir with either Zinfandel or Syrah, but the folks [More]

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