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This Blog is 15 Years Old, But Where Do I Go From Here?

Happy Anniversary to my blog! Fifteen years ago yesterday I published my first dang post. And almost five years ago, my legendary, fiery defense of the Champagne flute debuted. This blog has led to opportunities, adventures, and even money-paying jobs (!). And people along the way as well. Yes, blogging helped me interact with…other humans! And speaking [More]

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SAVEUR Blog Award Finalist: Who Am I? How Did I Get Here?

Many of you know I’m a finalist for a SAVEUR Blog Award in the Best Wine Coverage category. YES! So stoked. But it raises a lot of questions. About me. Take the above photo, for example. What the hell is going on? Am I having a heart-to-heart with a bottle of rosé? (Highly probable.) Conjuring up [More]

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How Much Should Wine Matter in a Restaurant Review?

Of course when I go to a restaurant I’m hyper-tuned to pluses and minuses of the wine list. But how much weight should wine carry in the total assessment of a restaurant? What can we learn about the restaurant as a whole based on its beverage service? I am fortunate to have met Hanna Raskin, [More]

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Hungry For Words: A Food Writing Workshop With Kathleen Flinn

I thought I’d celebrate my nomination in the Best Writing on a Wine Blog category for the 2013 Wine Blog Awards with a post about…writing about food? Well, it’s about writing, and applicable to wine writers and writers in general. (See all the nominees and vote; you have until May 24th at 11:59PM.) Kathleen Flinn [More]

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On Blogging, T-Shirts and Jeans, and a Thank You

When I first heard I was nominated in the “Best Overall Wine Blog” category for the 2012 Wine Blog Awards I had two thoughts: I need to get up earlier in the morning. Is the post at the top of my blog really about coffee? (Well, yes, but it got me thinking a lot about [More]

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My Addidas Meet a Jaunty Magpie

If you have seen me in person there is a good chance that I’m wearing jeans, have a wine glass in my hand, and will probably be wearing green Addidas shoes with yellow stripes. Unbeknownst to me, my shoes struck a chord with fellow blogger Denise Sakaki while we were chatting at the recent networking [More]

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Put Meaning in Wine Tasting Notes

Ever read wine tasting notes? Berry this, whiffs of that, shrimp shell reduction. (Shrimp shell reduction? Seriously.) Sometimes it gets pretty mind-numbing. How can we make them more relevant, useful, and actually pleasant to read? Wine Writer Talia Baiocchi tackles this topic on Eater. It’s a great article to read from start to finish, but [More]

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