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Italian Sparkling Wine is Festive and Delightful

What’s all the fuss about Italian sparkling wine, specifically Prosecco, Lambrusco, and Moscato d’Asti? The lastest episode of my Wine Without Worry podcast makes a return trip to Italy to find out. My guest is the charismatic Brian Larky, who I last saw on a January press trip with Jarvis Communications. So who is Brian? [More]

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Sunday Afternoons Were Made for Muller Thurgau

The grape: Muller Thurgau* (Huh? Bear with me.) Who made it: Alois Lageder Where it’s from: Alto Adige, Northern Italy. What does it mean?: Don’t sweat it. Just crisp, dry refreshment from a stunning location. Where I drank it: Bar Ferd’nand, in the Melrose Market, Capitol Hill, Seattle. Source: Uploaded by user via Jameson on [More]

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I Can Cross This Wine Off My List

Vietti Barolo Riserva Villero Originally uploaded by jamesonf Wow, was not expecting this wine when I got a visit from Vietti. Dolcetto, Barbera, sure. The reds are all great but what really stood out for me is how excellent the 2009 Arneis (white) was. Hard to beat for $20ish!

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