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Nalle Winery Zinfandel Makes You Smart

I’ve been a big fan Zinfandel from Nalle Winery for a long time. There was an end-of-the-shift moment at a wine shop I was working at, surrounded by a panoply of open wine bottles, where I kept coming back to this wine from California’s Dry Creek Valley. Why? Well, it was an astonishingly different take [More]

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Dry Creek Valley Wines and Vineyards Provide 9 Noteworthy Finds

I just returned from visiting wineries and vineyards in Dry Creek Valley, California. It’s a region within Sonoma County that will surprise you like it did me. Here are a few things I found remarkable about the region during a trip sponsored by the Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley. 1) Dry Creek? Not dry. Visual [More]

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