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Spätburgunder Spotlight (Spätlight?)

Can’t say I’ve had a lot of German Pinot Noir. So when I had the chance to attend a dinner celebrating Spätburgunder (that’s the country’s name for Pinot Noir), there was no way I was missing it. Hearty thanks to Icy Liu for the invitation. (Her IG is full of incredible wines.) Our Master of Ceremonies [More]

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Why Am I Not Drinking More Riesling?

As a Wine Guy I am supposed to love Riesling, German Riesling in particular. These are some of the best, longest-lived, most complex, historical, food-compatible, wines in the world. But it’s rare that I drink it. Why, I don’t know. I prefer dry whites? Probably. But, in a nod to Therry Theise (whose catalog you [More]

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36 German Rieslings

It was a busy couple of days last week when I plowed through a host of German Rieslings from Markus Molitor and Valckenberg. I’d recap my meager notes from each wine, but I’d be in my grave before I finished typing dozens of variations on Bernkasteler Badstube Spatlese. The one thing I want to share [More]

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