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A Loire Cabernet Franc Duo That’s a Delicious Bargain

One of my all-time favorite red wines is Loire Cabernet Franc. Well-aged, on the powerful side, or named for “drunken nights,” its savory freshness makes me swoon. You can also find great deals on Loire Cabernet Franc made in a manner to drink right away. I (re)discovered this at a recent Loire Valley wine tasting. Cave [More]

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Drunken Nights: The Wine

Cabernet Franc suffers the fate of not being Cabernet Sauvignon. It doesn’t have the reputation, familiarity, nor the sheer numbers of bottles available compared to the more famous Cabernet. Wait, what? What is this staid romance about standing up for a grape?!? Let’s get to the part where we all have lampshades on our heads! Let me [More]

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