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Delinquente Wine Makes Fizzy Fresh Fun in a Bottle

After a comparative Australian Chardonnay tasting (stay tuned ) I shoveled in as many little sandwiches as I could and contemplated a walk-around tasting put on by Wine Australia. I was hovering near the Wine Dogs Imports table and, since they are a friendly lot, decided to check on a familiar label. I’ve had the rosé [More]

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The Fizzy Delights of Pét-Nat: Three to Try

Pétillant-Naturel wines, charmingly shortened to Pét-Nat, are some of the most fun wines out there. The (ancestral) method to its madness is that the wine is bottled (usually with a crown cap, like a beer) while still fermenting. Carbon dioxide, one of the byproducts of fermentation, gets trapped in the bottle. The resulting wine is a [More]

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Weather to Fly: A Long Island Pét-Nat That’s a Fizzy Delight

First of all, what is Pét-Nat? It’s short for pétillant-naturel. And it is a fizzy delight. (Sometimes it can be a bit cloudy and funky, too.) You make Pét-Nat by bottling a wine while it’s still fermenting. So some happy bubbles become trapped. That means, upon the time of enjoyment, YOU WIN. (Please note that Pét-Nats can sometimes be a [More]

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Pet-Nat: Sparkling Wines Natural for Your Thirsty Days

How is it that an entire category of sparkling wines, Pet-Nat, existed unbeknownst to me? It’s not like I’ve been living under a rock when it comes to bubbles. Fortunately, my ace friend Sarah Chappell, a writer and wine monger living in Brooklyn, was able to come to the rescue and introduce me to the [More]

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25 Reasons to Drink Pet-Nat

Update: Pet-Nat Week 2013 is July 10th-14th. If you’re in NYC check out the (free!) tasting schedule. Visiting Vine Wine in Brooklyn, NY, and seeing my friend Sarah Chappell provided my introduction to the world of Pet-Nat wines. What the heck is a Pet-Nat wine? Well, it’s sparkling. (Hooray! I’m listening with rapt attention.) I’ll [More]

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What Is Pet-Nat Wine?

I travel to Brooklyn for a visit to Vine Wine to find out. And I already learned it has nothing to do with owning a cat named Nat.

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