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Chickpea Dumplings and Verdejo Will Make Your Day

You may want a nap after, but the thought of eating 3 or 4 (dozen) chickpea dumplings along with a glass of Verdejo has been haunting me (in a good way) since my recent lunch at Revel in Seattle. Chickpea, roasted cauliflower, and mustard yogurt make for a flavorful, yet not too spicy, dumpling. Hailing [More]

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Piquepoul Please

Though my heart clearly belongs to Muscadet, I am also fond of another French white wine with oysters: Piquepoul. (You may also see it as Picpoul.) It’s a grape you’ll find in Southern France and, like Muscadet, makes a very lively, dry, oyster-loving wine. A squeeze of lemon or a splash of a red wine [More]

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Eat Your Vegetables and Drink Some Wine

I love this sign reminding all of us of an important nutritional message: “Eat your vegetables.” (The radish is pretty adorable, too.) And there are many vegetable-loving wines out there. Here are a few to get you started: Sauvignon Blanc Chenin Blanc Riesling Gruner Veltliner Sparkling wine Rosé Photo taken in Capitol Hill, Seattle.

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Nettle Pesto Pizza with Guanciale at Bar Del Corso

Can’t recall a more memorable pizza I’ve had than this nettle pesto with guanciale from Bar del Corso in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle. If you are downtown, hop on the light rail and it’s a five minute walk from the station. All of their small plates are great, too. Even if they didn’t [More]

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Sunday Afternoons Were Made for Muller Thurgau

The grape: Muller Thurgau* (Huh? Bear with me.) Who made it: Alois Lageder Where it’s from: Alto Adige, Northern Italy. What does it mean?: Don’t sweat it. Just crisp, dry refreshment from a stunning location. Where I drank it: Bar Ferd’nand, in the Melrose Market, Capitol Hill, Seattle. Source: Uploaded by user via Jameson on [More]

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“Vinum Remedium Est”

Source: Uploaded by user via Jameson on Pinterest   It seemed appropriate that a place called Cure, located here in Seattle, would have a sign stating “Vinum Remedium Est.” Speaking for myself, on more than one occasion, wine has been the cure. Can you recall a moment where a glass of wine was particularly curative?

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The Best Bloody Mary Needs a Beer Back

Style and flavor-wise, you can debate what makes the best Bloody Mary. But for me, it’s hard to call it the best unless it comes with a beer back. Add a cup of coffee, and you’ve got a perfect beverage trio for Sunday brunch. Thank you Hudson, in Seattle, for coming correct with the beer [More]

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I Love Cassagnoles Gros Manseng

That is all.

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