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Weekend Wine Links: Wild Boars, Flat Tires, and Travel Tips

Pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass, and get cozy with these Weekend Wine Links. Let’s find out what I’ve been sampling online in the world of wine. How about a quick wine review before getting started? That ok? La Clarine Farm is a cool winery out of California doing familiar and oddball (in the best way) [More]

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Weekend Wine Links: Rosé, Hot Dogs, Craigslist, Marimba

It’s rainy and fairly miserable atmospheric in Seattle right now. Time to curl up with some Weekend Wine Links! Did you know that Jessica Certo was an opera singer before she became a sommelier? If that’s not cool enough, Certo also likes Cru Beaujolais with hotdogs and tater tots. AKA: my dream meal. [email protected], wine director [More]

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