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How Is Wine Made? A Preview of SOMM: Into The Bottle

SOMM, the popular shorthand for sommelier, was a documentary detailing the quest to pass what is arguably one of the hardest tests in the world: the Master Sommelier exam. How do you follow up this tale of aspiring wine experts working towards the highest honor of their profession? With “SOMM: Into The Bottle”. Here’s a [More]

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Finding Your Flavor: A Zippy Talk With Madeline Puckette of Wine Folly

What are a couple great wines to enjoy while sitting at a picnic table in the late afternoon sun? I have a couple picks for you. But first, where am I? I’m relaxing outside in the backyard of a Seattle neighborhood home, getting ready to record an episode of my Wine Without Worry podcast with [More]

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Tasting 58 Washington Syrahs

I took part in judging the “Sexy Syrah” event at Salty’s in Seattle, which involved tasting 58 Washington Syrahs and Syrah blends. It is an extremely popular event that benefits FareStart. As a judge I got to enter an hour earlier, which I was grateful for as the place gets packed. How do you survive [More]

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A Washington Wine Blending Odyssey With Wine Folly

Taking part in a Washington wine blending exercise with Madeline Puckette of Wine Folly was a great way to spend a late-February* afternoon. Thanks to our host Alex Shennum of BYOB Vintners and also to Madeline for the invite. With Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Malbec from Almquist Family Vintners at our disposal, the [More]

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